The ADISRA SmartView Viewer is the client of the Runtime server.  It is not essential to the execution of an application, but it is the graphical representation of it.  A great example is the ability to allow users to interact with the machine (Human Machine Interface) by sending commands or receiving data.  The Viewer can be executed locally or remotely.  The ADISRA SmartView activated license operating on the Runtime server determines the number of concurrent Viewers that can be connected. 

Types of Viewer:

  • Viewer
  • Remote Viewer
  • Web Thin Client
  • Mobile App

Viewer Scripts

C# scripts execute in Runtime but there are scripts that execute in the Viewers. So it is possible to create a unique animation that will behave differently in different Viewers.

Please review the ADISRA-SmartView-CSharp-Reference.pdf for more information.

Remote Viewer

The Remote Viewer allows creating a remote connection.  It enables remote application monitoring and controlling in multiple machines.
Please review the Remote Viewer white paper for more information.

Web Thin Client

Web Thin Client is an alternative to using the Remote Viewer for web access.  ADISRA SmartView provides an easy export of the entire interface into HTML5 and Javascripts, enabling compatibility with different platforms.
Please review the Web Guide white paper for more informatio.

Mobile App

ADISRA SmartView has a Mobile App for web access and is as an alternative to the Web Thin Client. Please contact ADISRA for more information about our Mobile App.