The ADISRA SmartView consists of three main modules.

  • Engineering
  • Runtime
  • Viewer


The ADISRA SmartView Engineering tool is the environment used by the application developer to create the entire application and requires an engineering license.

In the Engineering enviroment, the user can create documents,  configure scripts, create the logics for aplications, configure driver comunications, and create the application screens.


The ADISRA SmartView Runtime is a server and essential to any application.  Runtime is required to execute an application.  Runtime manages the Tags, Services, Triggers, Driver Communication, Database Communication, Alarms, Function Libraries, and Security System. 


The ADISRA SmartView Viewer is the client of the Runtime server.  It is not essential to the execution of an application, but it is the graphical representation of it.  A great example is the ability to allow users to interact with the machine (Human Machine Interface) by sending commands or receiving data.  The Viewer can be executed locally or remotely.  The ADISRA SmartView activated license operating on the Runtime server determines the number of concurrent Viewers that can be connected. 

Types of Viewer:

  • Local Viewer
  • Remote Viewer
  • Web Thin Client
  • Mobile App