RadioButton - Basic Object


A RadioButton  is an object that allows the user to select a single option from a group of options.

RadioButtons are often arranged in groups of 2 or more and displayed on screen.  Each RadioButton is accompanied by a label describing the choice that the RadioButton represents.  A user may choose only a single RadioButton among the set or group.

When the user selects a RadioButton, any previously selected RadioButtons in the same group becomes deselected making it so only 1 can be selected.

Properties and Functions


  • Name
  • Size
  • Location
  • ZIndex
  • Draggable


  • Angle
  • Text
  • Text Font
  • Number of Decimals
  • Value
  • Tag
  • HotKey
  • Is Enabled
  • Is Visible
  • ToolTip


  • .FontColor
  • .Text
  • .IsChecked

Inserting a RadioButton

To create a new RadioButton in the Graphics Document:

  1. Click the “RadioButton” option on the Ribbon.
  2. Place the mouse pointer where you want to create the RadioButton.
  3. Click to create the new RadioButton.

Configuring a Tag

After creating 3 RadioButtons, we will configure them to be in the same group and make some additional configurations:

Configure all the RadioButton objects with the same tag so they will be in the same group.  Then configure each object with a value and a text, as shown in the images below:   


It is important to understand that when you change the option, the value of the tag changes and the other option is deselected.


Script Events

The RadioButton Object provides several Script Events for the user.

  • Mouse Up
  • Mouse Down
  • Mouse While
  • Mouse Right Up
  • Mouse Right Down
  • Mouse Double Click


It is possible to configure different permissions per profile for this object.  For further information, please check the Security white paper.