Screen - Interface Object


The Screen is an object that allows the opening of different Graphics within its area, one at a time.  This allows the user to switch between different Graphics during Runtime according to the selection of a radio button, the click of a button, or other scripts.

Properties and Functions


  • Name
  • Size
  • Location
  • ZIndex
  • Draggable


  • Initial Screen
  • Horizontal Scroll
  • Vertical Scroll
  • Is Enabled
  • Is Visible
  • ToolTip


  • .ClearScreen()
  • .SetScreen() 


Inserting a Screen

To create a new Screen in the Graphics Document:

  1. Click the “Screen” option in the Ribbon.
  2. Place the mouse pointer where you want to create the Screen.
  3. Click to create the new Screen.

Initial a Screen

This configuration sets which Graphic Document will be initially displayed on the Screen Object.

It is important to understand that the Graphic Document where the screen object is located cannot be chosen.


Function SetScreen

The function SetScreen is used to set which graphic will be displayed in the Screen Object.

Inside the script of an object, the MouseUp of a button for example, configure the function SetScreen:


So when the button is pressed, the graphic that is displayed on the Screen object will be the graphic defined within the MouseUp script.


It is possible to configure different permissions per profile for this object.  For further information, please check the Security white paper.