The ADISRA SmartView Runtime is a server and essential to any application.  Runtime is required to execute an application.  Runtime manages the Tags, Services, Triggers, Driver Communication, Database Communication, Alarms, Function Libraries, and Security System. 

Runtime Clients

Runtime allows client connections and it is limited by the ADISRA SmartView license.

Below are listed some of the Clients that can connect to the Runtime server:

  • Data Watcher
  • Viewer
  • Remote Viewer
  • Web Thin Client
  • Mobile App
Runtime server broadcasts messages to all Clients connected, for example, a Tag value change or an Alarm activated.


ADISRA SmartView has built-in redundancy.  The Runtime Server operates on 2 different machines, the primary server and the redundant server.   They will stay synchronized ready to redirect the clients to the redundant machine if the primary machine goes down.  Each Runtime server knows which machine is the primary server and will keep its driver, OPC, and database connections live.   The redundant server will remain in wait state until it needs to take control.