Remote Viewer


Remote Viewer is a tool which allows the user to connect the Viewer to ADISRA
SmartView runtime on a local or remote computer.  In order to execute the Remote
Viewer, the user needs to run the full installation of ADISRA SmartView and then
execute the Viewer.exe

When the Remote Viewer connects to the remote runtime application, it requests
the Graphics which will be opened.  It is not necessary to manually copy the
application to the machine where the Remote Viewer will be executed.  This is an
important feature since the application will be only placed in the machine where the
runtime is running.  There will be no need to keep applications in different machines.
Additionally, whenever a change is made on a Graphics layout (i.e. added an extra
label on engineering), this change will already be available to the Remote Viewer,
the user needs to re-open the updated Graphics.  When logic has been updated in a
Service, Trigger, Driver or any module that is part of the runtime, the user must
restart the runtime process and the Remote Viewer will be automatically


Configuring the Runtime

Every Remote Viewer needs to connect to a ADISRA SmartView runtime process. We will look at the runtime configuration first.

To configure the project that is going to be executed, follow the steps below:

On the Settings Ribbon, go to Viewer and select “SelfHosting”. Enter a port number,
the default port is “9000” but it can be changed if it is already in use.

Check the Ports Being Used

This step is only needed if it is uncertain if the port is already in use. Stop the
application if it is running.

Press “Windows+R” and type “cmd” and click OK to open the Command

In the Command Prompt type ”netstat -an” and see the ports that are being
used. Make sure the port to be configured is not listed. If it is, select a
different port number that is not being used.

Check the IP Address of the Executing Machine

The IP Address and the port number configured in the project will be used to
create the connection between the Remote Viewer and the Runtime. Please
follow the instructions below to obtain the correct IP Address for the machine
where the runtime is being executed.

Press “Windows+R” and type “cmd” and click OK to open the Command

In the Command Prompt type ”ipconfig” and check the IPv4 Address, this will
be used later. In this example, it is “”.

Configure the Remote Viewer

To configure the Remote Viewer to connect to the executing Runtime from another
machine, follow the steps below:

Open the Viewer. To open the Viewer, the user must navigate to the ADISRA
SmartView installation bin folder and double click Viewer.exe.

Note: the red circle indicates the viewer is not connected to an executing Runtime;
set the IP address and designate the port to be configured (as shown in the last
chapter), then test the connection.

If everything is configured correctly, this message will be displayed.
Remember that the ADISRA SmartView Runtime must be running.

Then click the “Connect” button, the default graphic of the executing project
will open; note, now the viewer has a green circle indicating it’s connected to
the Runtime:

Custom Resolution

In this section, understand how to configure the custom resolution of the Remote

If the machine selected for the Remote Viewer has a different resolution than the
initial machine intended for the project, then the viewer’s resolution can be
changed. Click the “Custom Resolution” check box. Two options are offered:

First option, click the down arrow on the far right of the first resolution box
and the box will descend displaying available resolutions. Select the desired

Or, click the second box and type in the desired resolution:

Possible Errors

Connection Failed

When testing the connection in the Remote Viewer and a connection failed
message appears:

To resolve this problem, first make sure the runtime is running on the remote
machine. Also, make sure the runtime IP Address and the port number are

Next, check if the network is operating properly. Open the CMD (Command
prompt) and ping the runtime IP Address.

Application Does Not Open

This might not be an error. To confirm the project has a Startup Graphic
configured. Select “Settings” to display the Startup Graphic box. Page “Home” is
the “Startup Graphic”. When the user runs the Remote Viewer, it will connect
to Runtime and the Home page will be displayed for the user. If there is not a
“Startup Graphic” configured, nothing will be displayed.

Alternatively, a Graphic maybe opened from the windows notification area
located on the screen’s bottom right near the system clock. Right click on the
highlighted icon, click on the “Graphics” option and then click on the Graphics to
be opened.