This page details the steps to publish an application to the web.  It will also explain how to change the port number, some possible errors the user might face and how to solve them.

Web server is a software that accepts client requests to deliver a web page.  A web server must be configured in order for ADISRA SmartView to display an application on the web.  It can be any web server, but in this document we will use Microsoft Windows solution called Internet Information Services (IIS).

Installing Internet Information Services (IIS)

To install the IIS, follow the steps below:

Open the Control Panel and click on “Programs”:

Click on “Turn Windows features on or off”:

Enable the option “Internet Information Services” and click “OK”:

To confirm the IIS was installed correctly, type “localhost” in the browser’s address bar and press enter;  if the IIS was installed correctly this page will be displayed:

If the IIS was not installed correctly, this page will be displayed:


Configure Web Folder

Follow the steps below to configure the folder where the HTML files will be saved:

In the ADISRA SmartView settings ribbon, go to “Web” and select the “Default Web Folder” button, please make a note of the path because we will use it later.

It is possible to change this path if another folder is preferred.  To select another folder, click the “…” button located on the left side within the WebPath box.  Choose the folder where the HTML files are to be saved.

The “Web” folder can also be created inside the IIS web server folder.  In our example, we will save the web files directly to the IIS wwwroot folder.  Please select the wwwroot path as shown in the image below and create the following folder structure (i.e. WebProject\Web).  “C:\inetpub\wwwroot\WebProject\Web”.  If doing so, please skip the third chapter:

Generate HTML files

To generate the HTML files, right click the Graphics node in the ADISRA SmartView Navigation tree and left click the “Save HTML” option.

Other methods can be used, as shown below, to generate the HTML files:

Method 2 – Generate HTML files for all opened Graphics Documents.

It is important to understand that if the startup graphic (“Settings” -> “Graphics” -> “Startup Graphic”) is not opened, it will not generate the index (or HTML) file:

Method 3 – Generate HTML file for a specific Graphic Document:

Configuring the Web Project Folder

Follow the steps below to Configure the Web Project folder:

Using the file explorer, go to the project folder and copy the “Web” folder, then go to “C:\inetpub\wwwroot” and create a new folder called “WebProject”.  Inside the “WebProject” folder, paste the “Web” folder.

Configuring IIS and the Web Project

Press “Windows+R”, type “inetmgr”, and press OK to open the IIS:

On the IIS Manager, make sure the service is started by selecting “Default Web Site” and check if it has started, if not, click the start button: