Pie Chart - Charts Object


A pie chart is a circular statistical graph that is divided into slices to illustrate the numerical proportion.  In a pie chart, the arc length of each slice its central angle, and area, is proportional to the quantity it represents.

Properties and Functions


  • Name
  • Size
  • Location
  • ZIndex
  • Draggable


  • Show Chart Border
  • Background Color
  • Plot Area Color
  • Title Color
  • Legend Color
  • Series
  • Series Configuration
  • Title
  • Title Format
  • Title Horizontal Alignment
  • Legend Format
  • Legend Size
  • Number of Decimals
  • Is Enabled
  • Is Visible
  • ToolTip


  • .Title
  • .TitleHorizontalAlignment
  • .BackgroundColor
  • .PlotAreaColor
  • .ShowGridBorder
  • .UpdateTitleFormat()
  • .UpdateLegendFormat()
  • .UpdateLegendSize()

Inserting a Pie Chart

To create a new Pie Chart in the Graphics Document:

  1. Click the “Pie Chart” button in the Ribbon.
  2. Place the mouse pointer where you want to create the Pie Chart.
  3. Click to create the new Pie Chart.

Pie Config

  • Show Chart Border:  Choose if the chart border is going to be shown or not.
  • Background Color:  Selects the color of the chart background.
  • Plot Area Color:  Selects the color of the area where the data points are going to be shown.
  • Title Color:  Selects the color of the title.
  • Legend Color:  Selects the color of the legend.
  • Series:  Writes the name of the Series that will be shown in the Chart.
  • Button :   Inserts a Series in the Chart.
  • Title:  Writes the title that will be shown in the Chart.
  • Title Format:  Changes the font format of the Chart title.
  • Ttile Horizontal Alignment:  Selects the alignment of the chart title (Left, Right or Center).
  • Legend Format:  Changes the chart legend font format.
  • Legend Size:  Changes the size of the chart legend.
  • Tooltip:  Writes the message that will be shown when the mouse pointer is over the Chart.
  • Is Enabled:  Choose if the Chart will be enabled or not.
  • Is Visible:  Choose if the Chart will be visible or not.


See below a configured Pie Chart:

NOTE:  in this example the “Tag1” value is 75 and “Tag2” value is 25.


It is possible to configure different permissions per profile for this object. For further information, please check the Security white paper.