System Tags

The System Tags are available to all applications created in ADISRA SmartView and they provide application information that can be used in scripts or graphics.  The best way to find them, is to open the SystemTags document located under the Tags node.

An alternative wat to check them is through Data Watcher, but the application must be running to allow Data Watcher to connect to the Runtime.

Using System Tags in a Script

System Tags work similarly to any application tags.  They have a type and they can be accessed using the @ sign on scripts.  The auto complete feature will indicate the system tags + application tags as shown below.

Using System Tags in Graphics

As with any application tag, it is possible to add them to a Label or any Graphic Object that accepts a tag using the @ sign as in the image below.  The auto complete will also display the system tags among the application tags.

Another example is to use them in a Graphic’s script.  In the example below we built a clock and the angle of the pointers (Lines) are defined by the System Tags (@Second, @Minute and @Hour) considering the 360 degrees angle. 

To make the clock work you also need to change the location of the Line’s center marker which defines over which defines the rotation point.  To make the center marker visible, right click over the Line and select “Show Center Marker”

And after executing the application, the clock shows the correct time.