Ellipse - Geometric Object


The Ellipse object allows the user to draw elliptical shapes.  The user can configure the Border and Fill colors, rotate the object, and change its thickness and line style.

The Ellipse object is commonly used in animations since it allows dynamic fill.  It can be used to represent the volume of a tank for example or a progress bar.

Properties and Functions


  • Name
  • Size
  • Location
  • ZIndex
  • Draggable


  • Angle
  • Thickness
  • Line Style
  • HotKey
  • Is Enabled
  • Is Visible
  • ToolTip

The above properties and functions can be configured using the Property Window when the object is selected but they can also be changed during runtime using a script.  The script must be on the same screen as the object is located and they can be accessed by the name of the object (i.e. objName.Angle = objName.Angle + 1; )

Inserting an Ellipse

To create a new Ellipse in the Graphics Document:
  1. Click the “Ellipse” option in the Ribbon.
  2. Place the mouse pointer where you want to create the Ellipse.
  3. Click to create the new Ellipse.

NOTE: Hold Left-SHIFT while drawing the Ellipse to keep the axis proportions and draw a circle.

Dynamic Fill​​

This property allows the user to modify the fill of an object during Runtime based on the value of a tag.

To configure the Dynamic Color, follow the steps below:

1.   Click the Dynamic Fill tab, in the Brushes’ property area of the Ellipse object.

2.   In the field Tag, insert the desired tag or screen tag.

3.   Select the Background and Fill color by clicking the (…) button.

4.   Select the orientation of the Fill: Vertical or Horizontal.

5.   Select if the Fill will be flipped or not.

The object will be filled during Runtime according to the Tag or Screen Tag value, the min and max value of the tag will represent 0% and 100%, so if a tag min value is 0 and the max value is 100, when the tag value is 50 the object will be 50% filled.


Configure an Integer Tag “Fill” like the image below.

Create a Rectangle, Ellipse or Polygon Object in a Graphic Document and configure the Dyn fill like the image at the top of this section.

In this example, a Polygon object will be filled with the value of the “@Fill”.

@Fill = 10, the object will be 10% filled.

@Fill = 50, the object will be 50% filled.


Script Events

The Ellipse Object provides several Script Events for the user.

  • Mouse Up
  • Mouse Down
  • Mouse While
  • Mouse Right Up
  • Mouse Right Down
  • Mouse Double Click


It is possible to configure different permissions per profile for this object.  For further information, please check the Security white paper.