TextBox - Basic Object


The TextBox object is an interface widget that can be found in the Basic Objects section, this object allows the user to input text information to be used in the application.  The TextBox object also allows the user to display strings (text or Tags) and change them in real time.

The text configured can be a simple text or the value of a tag.

Properties and Functions


  • Name
  • Size
  • Location
  • ZIndex
  • Draggable


  • Angle
  • Text
  • Text Font
  • Password
  • Text Wrapping
  • Text Alignment
  • Select text on focus
  • Corner Radius
  • Number of Decimals
  • HotKey
  • Is Enabled
  • Is Visible
  • ToolTip


  • .FontColor
  • .Text
  • .ResetPasswordBox()
  • .GetFocus()
  • .SelectAll()
The above properties and functions can be configured using the Property Window when the object is selected, but they can also be changed during runtime using a script.  The script must be on the same screen as the object is located and they can be accessed by the name of the object (i.e. objName.Text= “New TextBoxText”; ) 

Inserting a TextBox

To create a new TextBox in the Graphics Document:

  1. Click the “TextBox” option on the Ribbon.
  2. Place the mouse pointer where you want to create the TextBox.
  3. Click to create the new TextBox.


This property allows the user to configure the text that will be displayed in the TextBox object.

To configure this property, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the desired TextBox object to select it.
  2. in the properties of the object, configure the “Text” field with the desired text. 

Method 1.  Simple Text:

In this example, we configured the text to be “Name”


Method 2.  Value of a tag:

When the text configured is a tag, the TextBox will display the value of the tag and  will work as an input to change the value of the tag.

In this example, we configured the text to be the value of the tag “@IntTag”




This property configures a TextBox object to function as a password box, so the user input will be hidden.

To configure this property style, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the TextBox object to select it.
  2. Select/Deselect the Password option to active/deactivate this property.

Number of decimals

Allows configuring the number of decimals that will be visible in the Label text.  If you configured the Text to show the value of a Float tag, you can set the Label to show the default number of decimals that can be configured in the Ribbon -> Settings or a custom number of decimals configured for that button.

Script Events

The TextBox Object provides several Script Events for the user.

  • Mouse Up
  • Mouse Down
  • Mouse While
  • Mouse Right Up
  • Mouse Right Down
  • Mouse Double Click


It is possible to configure different permissions per profile for this object.  For further information, please check the Security white paper.