Getting to Know the ADISRA SmartView Engineering Environment

The Engineering Environment of ADISRA SmartView is a user-friendly, Ribbon-based Windows┬« interface with many features. It is easily recognized by IT programmers and maintains the features and functionality of industrial automation – all in one window. The Engineering Environment is the tool where the user can configure ADISRA┬áSmartView and begin working on a project right away.

The first time the ADISRA SmartView is executed, the Engineering Environment will download a demo. Click below to learn more about each part of the Engineering Environment.

The interface consistis on multiple functional areas as shown in the image below.

Let’s go through each of the interface areas and understand how they can interact with the user, making the interface intuitive and functional.

Menu Button

The Menu Button brings options to open, create, save and exit the application.

Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar provides useful and common actions such as save, undo, redo, data watcher, help, about and application status management.


The Ribbon holds the main menu of the application and it is designed to be intuitive for the user not only because it concentrates the global configuration but because it is also mutable depending on the selected context. New tabs are added and removed dynamically when new documents are opened. That feature makes explicit to the user what is available for the selected document.

Navigation Tree / Logical Tree

Both trees show all the documents of the project, whether its graphics, communications, logics, etc…
The Logical tree helps search for a specific object by name or by type.

Property Window

The Property Window, similarly to the Ribbon, was designed to be intuitive for the user. It also shows all the properties available to be configured for the selected context. When a tag is selected, it shows all the tag’s property the same way when a button is selected, it shows all the available properties. It also has quick access to the ADISRA SmartView Help document selected context. All the changes made to the Property Window are instantly reflected in the visible area of the Graphics in case the user is configuring a button or any object.


The outputs include the Engineering and Runtime logs and also the Search Output. This is an important functionality while developing the application, since it will show the errors caught during development and during execution. The search output will show the location of a tag and it allows double clicking it to open the location.