DataType Tags

Using Data Types allows the user to group several different tag types together to create a structure.   For example, within a Data Type, the user can have the following inner types

  • Integer
  • Float
  • Boolean
  • String
  • DateTme
    ** And it can also have nested Data Types inside a Data Type.

Configurations can also be imported or exported.

Creating a Data Type

When creating a data type you will see the same configuration that is available in a Tag’s document.  It is possible to configure the alarms, retentive value, and other configurations in the Property Grid.  And whatever is configured for a data type tag is going to be the default value for a tag associated to this data type in the future.

Creating an Application Tag associated with a Data Type

It is at this point when a data type will actually be available to be used by the application.  The example below shows a tag associated to the Data Type created above. 

As explained previously, the tag above will bring the configuration set before, in the Data Type, but the user can still change it.  A tag within the Data Type might have retentive value enabled, but it is still possible to change it using the Property Grid.