Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar is a collection of buttons providing easier access to some of the most common actions such as showing Runtime Status, Save functions, Undo/Redo, Run/Stop/Restart, and Help menu.

In the Quick Access toolbar, there is a light state that indicates if the RunTime is running or not.

Green State: RunTime is running
Red State: RunTime is not running


.     Save
      Saves current opened document.

.     Save All
      Saves all opened documents.

.     Save All Web
      Saves all opened documents for the web.

.     Undo
      Undo latest action.  The software keeps in memory a stack of all the changes made until last save. When a document is saved, the stack is cleared.

.     Redo
      Redo is active after Undo is executed and enables redoing an action that was previously undone.

.     Help Menu
      Displays access to the Help document, Register tool, About, Resources Monitor and Contact information.

.     Minimize the Ribbon
      Auto hides the Ribbon when it is not selected.

.     Show Below the Ribbon
      Moves the quick access tool under the Ribbon.