Database Alarm History

Using Database Connections with Alarm History​

As soon as the runtime is started, the alarm history table will be created by ADISRA SmartView with all the needed columns.  Each alarm history document will generate one table in the database.  The database history table created will be one table per document with all tags configured in it.

By contrast, in Tag’s History option, each the tags inside the document will generate a new table.

  • The alarm history can be saved into a configured database.  Open the alarm history document the user wants to configure on the “Save Type” combo box, select “Database” and on the “Connection Item” combo box, select a configured “Database Connection”.

  • As soon as the runtime is executed, the alarms configured in the Alarm History document will be saved to the database.  The values saved to the database can be loaded by the Alarm object as shown in the example below.
  • The following image shows the database table created.  The table is created per document configured.  So it will contain each tag configured in the document and its relevant alarm information.